Pat Martens

Pat Martens, CPA, CMA


Growing up as a missionary kid at Black Forest Academy in Germany and graduating from Steinbach Bible College, Pat is grateful for the impact of effective ministry organizations like these. While attending the University of Manitoba’s Asper School of Business to complete his CPA designation, Pat determined to invest that designation in the service of Christian ministries.

Now with more than twenty years experience as a CFO, Controller, and IT Manager for a variety of companies and ministries, he is privileged to lead Plains Edge in serving schools, churches and growing businesses in the community.

Jessica Krahn

Jessica Krahn

Accounting Assistant

With her insightful observations and open demeanor, Jessica rapidly brings clarity to discussions. She has shared responsibility for operating a family business for many years, which has developed her appreciation for customer service and sustainable profitability. Jessica has a certificate from Millar College of the Bible and a Business Diploma from Red River College.

Her accounting work for Steinbach Chrisitan Schools provided valuable experience with maintaining consistent and accurate records while meeting deadlines and adapting to the evolving needs of the administrative team.

Christian Peters

Christian Peters

Accounting Assistant

Christian’s style is positive, direct, and attentive. He brings a long-time drive to understand and serve charitable organizations. He studied at Steinbach Bible College, graduated with honors with an Administrative Diploma in Accounting from Red River College, and earned a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting with distinction from Athabasca University. He is currently enrolled in the CPA Professional Education Program.

Church board directors with whom he serves credit Christian’s excellent work on the finance committee where he implemented system improvements during the COVID pandemic. He also serves as Finance Chair on the board of Mennonite Heritage Village.

Judy Martens

Judy Martens

Administrative Assistant

Judy is a dedicated, intentional, and highly organized individual. Having put personal career aspirations on hold for a time to invest in family, she now brings those characteristics to her responsibilities with Plains Edge.

Judy graduated from W.C. Miller Collegiate with a Business Diploma, and from Steinbach Bible College with a Diploma in Biblical Studies (with honors). She has experience in reception, managing corporate and acquisition file systems, organizational procedures, and coordinator roles. A favorite quote of Judy’s is, “Life is 95% attitude!”

Cameron Martens

Cameron Martens

IT Manager

Cameron combines an inquisitive and attentive response to staff technology needs with a methodical and highly intelligent approach to solving problems. Numerous individuals, organizations and businesses continue to benefit from his technical contributions.

Understanding how computer systems work, from the way electrons interact within a circuit to the way a user interacts with the screen, has been a life-long passion. He recently graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Computer).

Essential Values

These are the essential values to which we aspire


Seeking to be agents of genuine, lasting, and positive change in the lives of our clients. We work to understand the hopes and fears that motivate them. We build relationships based on mutual respect and trust.


Understanding that the initial problem brought to us may be one manifestation of something larger. While working to resolve that initial problem, we invest in understanding the larger issue. We ask open-ended questions.


Uncovering needs, even those we cannot meet. We will refer clients to specialists who can meet those needs. As appropriate, we collaborate with and defer to those experts. We work for our clients’ purposes.


Looking beyond our own context and bringing ideas from the broader world to our clients. We read widely and pay attention to media in our clients’ fields. We continuously pursue professional development and network with other advisers.


Adhering to high ethical standards in our conduct. This is foundational to establishing trust, maintaining credibility of the CPA profession in the community, and living out our personal faith perspective. We are transparent about our approach.


Building strong connections with client staff and other advisers. We believe a strong team accomplishes significantly more than any one individual.