Our offerings

Comprehensive services tailored for non-profits

Full suite of services, offered in two capacities

Tackling a financial issue head-on

At our core, we’re problem solvers. Our team of experienced professionals can bring clarity and a new perspective to what might seem like an insurmountable financial problem. We create clear paths forward for successful outcomes.

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Developing a trusted relationship

Plains Edge offers ongoing advisory services. Whether in the capacity of fractional CFO or on-call advisor, we’re quick to adapt to the specific needs of your organization.

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Multi-year Projections

We build financial projections to ensure financial integration with long-term strategic plans, to identify and avoid future financial problems, or support applications for borrowing.

Budget Development

We guide development of budgets that integrate with the organization’s strategic plans and support operations and initiatives.

Financial Performance Reporting

We work with organizations to re-invent internal financial reporting to reveal new insights to leadership.

System Migration and Updates

We assist with migration between accounting systems, alignment of accounts and processes with internal and external reporting requirements.

Pricing Evaluations

We help organizations understand pricing levels in the sector they serve to ensure long-term sustainability and appropriately contextualize periodic price adjustments.

Training and Documentation

We provide training in the board room or classroom on understanding financial statements in the non-profit context. We develop finance office operational documentation to support consistent reporting, especially during staff transition.